The Graveyard Of Ambition

by The Bedroom

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released March 4, 2014

Thanks to Everyone



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The Bedroom London, UK

too school for cool

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Track Name: The Big Up
We'll work it out
On our way down
Come and tell me
It will be fine
Be still my friend
You're still my friend
You want it all
You wanted out

Is this exactly what you want?

I'm hoping for
A shot at
Drug addicted sociopath
A second rate celebrity
With financial security
At least that

Where did the last two hours go?
He asks on repeat for the next
ten years of his life, worrying :

Is this exactly what you want?

What are we now
Who am I now
A biproduct of bipolarism
A sister of psychosis
Neither gentleman or genius
I need a way out of worrying

Is this exactly what you want?
Isn't this everything you dreamed?

At every angle there's a risk
Follow your heart right off the cliff

This is exactly what you want.
This could be everything you need.
This might be where you're supposed to go.
This might be who you're supposed to be.

This is the only chance you've got.
This is the only shot you need.
This is exactly what you want.

You Want It All.
You Wanted Out.
Track Name: Basquiat
I wanna be like Basquiat.
We all just wanna be like Basquiat.
We're all waiting around,
Waiting to be found.
Like Basquiats.

Get Up. Get Out.

This isn't a time for Basquiats.
Track Name: Birthday Cake
It's a painful day
the one you realise you're wasting away
that another year's gone by another birthday cake
that another year's gone by and you're still the same

It's a shameful way
you act as if you know me then you turn away
as soon as I should need you gone the other way
no sooner could I deceive you than I'm left behind
like birthday cake

another year departs
another stone is added to weigh down your heart
maybe this'll be the year that you just fall apart
waiting for the show to start
crumbling away
like birthday cake

so share it out
dish out all the pain to all you know and love
or give yourself to people you know nothing about
and just fall apart
disperse your heart

you're the party now
so take anything you can just to stay awake
and share yourself around and let your worth decay
your worth decay
like birthday cake
like birthday cake.
Track Name: Disconnect
Everyone I'd known, gone within a day,
Everything I grow, I burn and turn away.

To think you called them casualties, as if my life was just a game.
Now you see yourself on the other side of the glass, and you're forced to ask. Was he ever really here, a future corpse that he kept near,
An empty vessel made of lies, another human sacrifice.

It's like I can't believe what's happened or what's happening to me,
and so I disconnect.

Talk to someone else, hope it goes away.

How have things become so jaded.
Reflection makes us bitter.
I could get into details,
but that won't get us through this.

Memory paints in frosted glass.
A near painful nostalgia.

I will only apologise, for the times I lost respect,
for letting myself fall so dark when I should have turned away.

Now we're filling up with memories of the times we went astray,
Yet we didn't think to write it down, when everything was great.

It's like I can't believe what's happened or what's happening to me,
and so I disconnect.

All this tastes of panic, a regression to my brain.
It's taking it's toll on me, will I ever be the same.
I'm riddled with anxiety, a disease that's just a name.
I've had enough of reality, I keep leaving the same way…
Track Name: My Everything
What about
My everything

What about
My energy

I want to know why
Why I can't breathe

Where'd it all go? Where'd it all go wrong?
Is there anything?
Getting older. Everyday goes on.
Enjoy the chase. It's all there is.

What about my everything.